Guardian Angels Are A Lovely Idea

The idea behind having a guardian angel is a lovely idea. One angel is supposed to be there to look after you. They are the ones who will stop you from stepping off the sidewalk into the oncoming bus. They are the ones who stop you getting splashed by paint when you walk under ladders. Her guardian angel will protect your Mom when you step on crack.

guardian angel wing necklace

The guardian angel wing necklace takes this idea and produces a manifestation of the angel as something to have and to hold.

When you give a guardian angel you’re showing the person that you want them to be safe, and you are telling them that your care for them. There are no other subliminal messages, there’s no suggestion of a debt, it is simply a statement of loving care.

This idea has existed since antiquity. It was a big idea in ancient Jewish theology and has come down to us from then. But the idea doesn’t belong to any one religion. In Islam, there is the idea of guardian angels. There is a similar thought in Zoroastrianism too, and of course, the idea is alive and well in Christianity.

The idea is even celebrated in music too. In a song from Hansel and Gretel, the composer Englebert Humperdinck took the idea of the guardian angel to the next level. He had 14 of them! Two looked after his head, but there were two who were given the task of guiding steps to heaven.

You don’t have to buy into this. You don’t have to believe the mumbo-jumbo. But if what you do want to do, is prove to someone you love you would do anything to keep them safe then here’s a lovely way to do it.

How this wheel puller aids HVAC biz

blower wheel puller

Most ad and info boards will have this to say about this innovative tool. Here is a specialized tool that helps the HVAC technicians to remove all fan blades and blowers and blower wheels quickly and easily enough. What HVAC technicians are using is a fan blade and/or blower wheel puller. The technician is using this tool to quickly remove his apparatus’s fan blade or blower wheel without any assistance from another technician or on-site or labor assistant.

The invention of this tool some years ago is hailed as a breakthrough for the HVAC repair, maintenance and installation business. Apart from reducing labor on site, labor costs can be reduced. All costs all around are potentially reduced for the small business technician. The tool aids the HVAC technician’s ability to provide efficiency and safety in his work and to his customers. This tool really only needs one person to operate it.

And not only is one technician able to remove parts and components unaided by others, he’s also able to complete his job in no more than two minutes. This tool was invented and manufactured in the USA. It is made from solid steel and is appropriately coated to help protect the tool against rust and corrosion. If you are a small business operator, this tool gives you a great chance to begin the process of reducing unnecessary costs.

While at the same time slowly starting to increase your book of business. There is no need to fire the guy you hired (it’s still your prerogative). You could qualify him as an HVAC technician. And while you’re servicing one site, he could be working on a new and small project elsewhere. And whatever costs are being charged to your customers could possibly be reduced as well. 

Personal Defense Tips to Stay Safe

It is more important than ever to protect yourself against harm from other people. It seems that so many people are out to get what they can from others, even if that comes at the price of hurting them. However, you can take a stance and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a heinous crime. Use the personal defense tips below to stay safe and protect the people that you love the most.

Carry Mace

Mace is legal to carry in most states and serves as one of the best self-defense tools that a person can use. It’s available for purchase at many retailers at a reasonable price. While it may not disarm a person, it does provide you precious seconds in which to get away.

Personal Protection Products

Mace is a great product that everyone should carry with them at all times. However, numerous other personal protection items are available and just as beneficial to own. The personal defense shield is one of the newest items to join that list of products. Check it out and stay safe if you become the victim of a home invasion!

Be Aware

personal defense shield

Whether at home or out amongst a crowd, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Notice everything and make a mental note of what you’ve saw. When you are aware of your surroundings, there is less risk imposed your way.

Buy a Gun

Many people are taking the steps toward gun ownership and so should you. Take a safety course before applying for your permit to learn how to shoot the weapon and stay safe with it in your possession. Owning a gun is a smart idea for people everywhere, not only those who live in big cities!

Buy Dryer Parts Online

If you use commercial dryers in your daily operations, there are bound to be problems along the way. Parts and components wear out and sometimes the dryer simply succumbs to the hard work that it performs every day. In most situations, issues are easily repairable. If you have the skills, you can repair many of the common issues yourself. However, you can also buy commercial dryer parts and schedule service with professionals if you lack the skills and expertise or simply prefer the assurance you get when professionals are on the job.

Buying the dryer parts that you need yourself has many advantages over buying them from the repair company. First, the cost of the parts is cheaper. Second, you know without question the brands that are being used. Third, you can shop for any and all of the parts that you need on the web. Many people go to the web to buy dryer parts because they know it is the easiest, most convenient and most affordable way to get the items they need. Plus, there are tons of additional perks to enjoy when you take your shopping needs to the web.

commercial dryer parts

Buying parts for the commercial dryer online gives you the freedom to shop with the store of your choice. It could very well be a company without a physical location in your area whose prices are much less than typical prices. You can easily compare the brands and parts prices, warranties, and other information as well, further enhancing the great deal that you get.  And, when you shop for parts online you can enjoy convenient delivery to your shop or office. This saves a lot of time and hassle and allows you to avoid traffic congestion and long lines.

All Augers Well For Small-Scale Farmer

If you have decided on this occupation for the rest of your natural life, then you ought to be congratulated. You are entering one of the most difficult professions known today. What makes it even more difficult perhaps is the unpredictable weather patterns you are experiencing today. Also, depending where you are located, land ownership of this kind remains contentious but precious. You are plying your trade on land that needs to be preserved for future generations.

utility auger

The first thing you may have done is purchase a smallholding in a rural area. Over time, you may have been able to add more land as your smallholding’s agriculturally inclined infrastructure was being built up. In order to contain costs and counter the unpredictability of your region’s climate, you need to arm yourself with a unique set of tools and farming implements, alongside those that are standard for the business of harvesting, processing and distributing food.

That is, in essence, what you are doing. Whether you are working with livestock or harvesting crops, you are producing food. It is a life source that no community can be without. Among the standard tools you will be utilizing could be a utility auger. And bear in mind that your ability to work independently with such tools may not yet be fully developed as would be the case for the hardy, experienced farmer who has been there and seen and experienced it all before. 

All the daily challenges associated with life as a small-scale, not yet independent farmer. You will be relying on the technical expertise of a group of farmers and engineers who understand completely the vagaries of farming work. You turn to them for maintenance and repairs and for the replenishment of your stocks, in more ways than one.