How this wheel puller aids HVAC biz

blower wheel puller

Most ad and info boards will have this to say about this innovative tool. Here is a specialized tool that helps the HVAC technicians to remove all fan blades and blowers and blower wheels quickly and easily enough. What HVAC technicians are using is a fan blade and/or blower wheel puller. The technician is using this tool to quickly remove his apparatus’s fan blade or blower wheel without any assistance from another technician or on-site or labor assistant.

The invention of this tool some years ago is hailed as a breakthrough for the HVAC repair, maintenance and installation business. Apart from reducing labor on site, labor costs can be reduced. All costs all around are potentially reduced for the small business technician. The tool aids the HVAC technician’s ability to provide efficiency and safety in his work and to his customers. This tool really only needs one person to operate it.

And not only is one technician able to remove parts and components unaided by others, he’s also able to complete his job in no more than two minutes. This tool was invented and manufactured in the USA. It is made from solid steel and is appropriately coated to help protect the tool against rust and corrosion. If you are a small business operator, this tool gives you a great chance to begin the process of reducing unnecessary costs.

While at the same time slowly starting to increase your book of business. There is no need to fire the guy you hired (it’s still your prerogative). You could qualify him as an HVAC technician. And while you’re servicing one site, he could be working on a new and small project elsewhere. And whatever costs are being charged to your customers could possibly be reduced as well.