Guardian Angels Are A Lovely Idea

The idea behind having a guardian angel is a lovely idea. One angel is supposed to be there to look after you. They are the ones who will stop you from stepping off the sidewalk into the oncoming bus. They are the ones who stop you getting splashed by paint when you walk under ladders. Her guardian angel will protect your Mom when you step on crack.

guardian angel wing necklace

The guardian angel wing necklace takes this idea and produces a manifestation of the angel as something to have and to hold.

When you give a guardian angel you’re showing the person that you want them to be safe, and you are telling them that your care for them. There are no other subliminal messages, there’s no suggestion of a debt, it is simply a statement of loving care.

This idea has existed since antiquity. It was a big idea in ancient Jewish theology and has come down to us from then. But the idea doesn’t belong to any one religion. In Islam, there is the idea of guardian angels. There is a similar thought in Zoroastrianism too, and of course, the idea is alive and well in Christianity.

The idea is even celebrated in music too. In a song from Hansel and Gretel, the composer Englebert Humperdinck took the idea of the guardian angel to the next level. He had 14 of them! Two looked after his head, but there were two who were given the task of guiding steps to heaven.

You don’t have to buy into this. You don’t have to believe the mumbo-jumbo. But if what you do want to do, is prove to someone you love you would do anything to keep them safe then here’s a lovely way to do it.