Fun Facts About Bull Riding

Are you a bull riding fan? Few people can resist the pure adrenaline rush and excitement they feel when watching this sport. Those who’ve had the chance to see professional bull riding in person have even more excitement in their life. If you are a fan who wants to know more about this exciting sport, you’ve come to the right place. Read below to learn a few facts about bull riding that you probably don’t know already.

1- You can purchase bull riding apparel and enjoy the sport even more. Whether you want to get out there and try your luck riding a bull or simply want to dress the part, options are there to suit your every need.

2- The Professional Bull Riders Association was formed by 20 independent bull riders. Each rider placed $1000 into the organization to make it official and to make bull riding an official sport.

3- If you ride a bull, you must keep your hand on the rope at all times. The time stops when the hand comes out of the rope or when the rider touches the ground.

3- Riding a bull is not easy. The scores given to professional bull riders aren’t given based on the length of time they stay on the bull, but instead the difficulty of riding the bull.

4- A rodeo clown is there to entertain the audience, but his real job is protecting the cowboys from injury and being trampled by a bull!

5- Bulls train a maximum of 10 hours per day. They are then given up to 14 hours of rest each day.

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6- Red Rock is the hardest bucking bull to ever be ridden. In the 1980s, this bull bucked more than 300 people during its career.